Hear What the Top Athletes Say

Michael James Owen

Football legend、Ballon d'Or、Premier League Golden Boot

"lt's comfortable, very simple to use.and also, has great safety features.''

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Francesca Piccinini

Professional volleyball player: Most Valuable Player.

"lt is very comfortable to accompany me during my days.”

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Connor Fields

The first American to win an Olympic BMX gold.

"After riding it, l am happy to say l found a new joy of cycling."

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Reviews From Premier Media Agencies


While testing out the bike, the APP UI is much more advanced than previous bike we tested, and it shows ever info we need to know on the screen, we love such feature! This LINUX system adds a layer of versatility, allowing it to adapt to all user needs in the future.


On the safety side, it is equipped with an automatic headlight, which will itself adapt to external light conditions. A practical function for those who leave very early or return very late.


The battery and motor hidden design, as well as the internal wiring design, make the entire appearance very concise and pleasing. “It’s very light and elegant with its streamline design, and I had never seen such an impressive vehicle before!”


Beim TEZEUS-C8 wurde auf alle Details geachtet, die Radfahrer glücklich machen.

What the Professionals Say


"An absolute eye-catcher and riding it feels like an amazing beautiful sports car, full carbon, pure eye candy.And crazy enough it has millimeter-wave radar on the back, built into the taillight that ensures travel safety.It's next level and it's mind-blowing."


"The C8 here is an e-bike no other"
“l'm also very happy to report that the brakes don't make any noise on every arriving on every breaking and so on. So overall a very quiet ride ”

Sami luo Tech- C8.png__PID:05d4f902-ede6-4ca2-9173-722badce5822

"The design is definitely one of the highlights for the Tezeus C8"
“ The self-developed of operating system as extra intelligence to it,make this not only look great, but also right safer and smarter. ”

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"this bike with a computer built into the carbonbars and has so many on board features"


"There are no wires, not even on the hydraulicbrakes"
“This screen it self is a lot of really cool individual features that you won't really find anywhere else. lt's made a carbon fiber, it's light weight, it's very easy for someone like me an urban commuter to be using day-to-day”


"There are no wires, not even on the hydraulicbrakes"