• Experience the Magic Screen

    Come rain or snow, our touchscreen remains ultra-responsive,even when you're bundled up in gloves.

    No weather can dampen your touchscreen experience with our innovative technology.

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Future interactive mode

Ebike Control

  • Battery Unlock

    You can unlock the battery through the ebike touchscreen.

    Experience Keyless Freedom: Electronic Unlocking for Seamless Departures.

  • Ebike Lamp

    The headlight will automatically switch on and off according to the surrounding ambient light.

    Of course you can control it through our intelligence ebike OS.

    Complies with StVZO standards to reduce disruption to oncoming cyclists and drivers at night.

  • Ebike alarm

    In the case of ununlocked, should the vehicle be detected moving beyond a specified range, it will activate an alarm and promptly relay abnormal information to your mobile.

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  • App alert

    Upon receiving an abnormal notification on your mobile phone, you can seamlessly open the app, utilize GPS positioning, and track the e-bike's real-time location, ensuring swift retrieval of your vehicle.


Share your riding journey and meet more possibilities

Define your ebike

  • Personalize your ringtone to reflect your style.
  • Operate in the way that feels most natural to you.
  • Chronicle your journey and share your unique story with the world.

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anytime,anywhere and share your amazing trips!

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